Bachelor of Psychological Science (BPsychSc) with a major stream in Social Welfare

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The BPsychSc: Psychology with a stream in Social Welfare provides students with the opportunity to complete an APAC accredited three year sequence in psychology (a psychology major) along with a stream in social welfare. Students undertaking this program must take the specified units from the School of Social Work outlined below as their electives in the BPsychSc. This sequence of units comprises the Social Welfare stream.

The psychology major provides students with a comprehensive education in the theories and models that underpin the scientific discipline of psychology, critical / analytical thinking, and research methodology, design and analysis necessary for conducting and evaluating psychological research. The BPsychSc also introduces students to the applications of psychological theory.

In the Social Welfare stream, students will explore the skills and knowledge to help improve people's well-being and to increase their access to services and resources, especially when experiencing great hardship, socially, emotionally, politically, culturally and economically. These units will explore social welfare systems and structures of power and decision-making to influence a more democratic policy, service provision and practice as well as advocating for and with individuals, families and communities for their rights as citizens. And as a value-based profession social welfare promotes ethical practice, personal and social advocacy, social justice and human rights activism and seeks explanations and practice responses for the many social issues and conditions contemporary society faces.

Opportunities for graduates with social welfare major are diverse and range across a variety of health and welfare fields including human services, small community-based programs and services, selected Government departments, non-Governmental organisations, health and mental health, community practice, women and migrant services, child and family services, and corrections and justice and indigenous communities. 

Sequence of Study - Bachelor of Psychological Science with a major stream in Social Welfare

*Elective unit options