Bachelor of Psychological Science (BPsychSc) with a major stream in Criminology

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The BPsychSc: Psychology with a major stream in Criminology provides students with the opportunity to complete an APAC accredited three year sequence in psychology (a psychology major) along with a major stream in criminology.

The psychology major provides students with a comprehensive education in the theories and models that underpin the scientific discipline of psychology, critical / analytical thinking, and research methodology, design and analysis necessary for conducting and evaluating psychological research. The BPsychSc also introduces students to the applications of psychological theory.

In the criminology major stream, students gain an understanding of the causes of crime, strategies used to prevent and respond to crime, and wider issues of concern to the criminal justice system including organised crime. The major exposes students to a wider sociological background so that they can better understand the social context in which criminal behaviour takes place and the role that society plays in shaping crime and the criminal. This major complements students’ knowledge of psychology and their understanding of behaviour through psychological approaches.

The criminology major stream will be of benefit to students seeking to work in the Criminal Justice system or its related agencies, for example in the courts, corrections or in youth justice. This includes those seeking to work with offenders, victims, or vulnerable populations including young people and Indigenous Australians. 

Sequence of Study for Bachelor of Psychological Science (BPsychSc) with a major stream in Criminology

*Elective units