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Course Structure and Sequence - Bachelor of Psychological Science

Bachelor of Psychological Science

  • Students complete 24 units of study over 3 years of full-time or part-time equivalent study. For information regarding sequence structure, see the unit selection planning assistant.
  • Students wishing to complete the Bachelor of Psychological Science with a major stream in Criminology must complete the elective sequence listed here
  • Students wishing to complete the Bachelor of Psychological Science with a major stream in Social Welfare must complete the elective sequence listed here

* 13 core psychology
* 11 elective units

  • 6 electives must be non-psychology electives
  • 5 electives can be psychology or non psychology electives


Year level

Core Psychology units

Elective units*

100 level units

PSYC1012 Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 1

Non-psychology elective

PSYC1022 Introduction to Psychology: The Individual, Society and Culture

Non-psychology elective

PSYC1032 Introduction to Psychology: Biology, Learning and Cognition

Non-psychology elective


Non-psychology elective


Non-psychology elective

200 level units

PSYC2012 Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 2

Psychology or Non-psychology elective

PSYC2022 Perception and Cognition

Psychology or Non-psychology elective

PSYC2032 Learning and Memory

Non-psychology elective

PSYC2042 Life Span Development


PSYC2052 Social Psychology


300 level units

PSYC3012 Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 3

Psychology or Non-psychology elective

PSYC3022 Psychopathology

Psychology or Non-psychology elective

PSYC3032 Psychological Measurement and Assessment

Psychology or Non-psychology elective

PSYC3042 Intercultural Diversity and Indigenous Psychology


PSYC3052 Professional Issues and Applications in Psychology


Psychology Elective units*

Non Psychology elective units 

Non-psychology electives may be chosen from a choice of non-psychology electives at equivalent level from the selected units listed subject to any required pre-requisites having been met.



 Criminology units

Counselling Units

Social Welfare Units

100 Level units

JALE1024 Criminal Justice

MULT1015 Applications in Context

SWSP1003 Introduction to Human Services

SOSC1004 Cultural Diversity

MULT1025 Professions and Society

SWSP1043 Government, Public Policy and Civil Society

(Pre-Requisite: SWSP1003)

SOSC1014 Ethics

MULT1035 Sustainability in Helping Professionals

SWSP1053 Introduction to Contemporary Society

CRIM1004 Theoretical Criminology

COUN1231 Counselling Skills Training 1



COUN1251 Counselling Theory


200 Level units

CRIM2014 Applied Criminology 

(Pre-Requisite: CRIM1004) 

BESC2101 Organisational Theory

SWSP2003 Critical Social Work Theories

(Pre-Requisite: SWSP1003)


CRIM2034 Issues in Criminal Justice

(Pre-Requisite: JALE1024) 

COUN2211 Counselling and Neuroscience (Pre-Requisite COUN1251 Counselling Theory)

SWSP2033 Social Work Theory and Practice (Individuals, Children & Families)

(Pre-Requisite: SWSP1003)

CRIM2024 Transnational Crime

COUN2221 Counselling Skills Training 2 (Pre-Requisite COUN1231 Counselling Skills Training 1)

SWSP3013 Influencing Policy and Practice

(Pre-Requisite: SWSP1003)

SOSC2004 Indigenous Peoples & Justice

(Pre-Requisite: SOSC1004)


 COUN2281 Coaching Theory and Practice

SWSP3913 Ageing and Aged Services

(Pre-Requisite: SWSP1003)


COUN2311 Addictive Behaviours Counselling (Pre-Requisite - COUN1231 Counselling Skills Training 1)



COUN2321 Crisis Counselling (Pre-Requisite - COUN1231 Counselling Skills Training 1)


300 Level units

CRIM3004 Victimology

COUN3261 Group Work Counselling (Pre-Requisite - COUN2221 Counselling Skills Training 2)


SWSP3033 Social Work Theory and Practice (Group, Teamwork and Organisational Learning)

(Pre-Requisite: SWSP1003)

JALE3924 Mental Health and Criminal Justice


SWSP3043 Interpersonal, Family and Structural Violence

(Pre-Requisite: SWSP1003)

CRIM3914 International Criminal Justice


SWSP3053 Social Work Theory and Practice (Community and Social Action)

(Pre-Requisite: SWSP1003)

JALE3904 Youth Justice