Student Information and Conduct

As a student of psychology within the Australian College of Applied Psychology you must abide by the general rules and conditions of the College. These are set out in the 2011 Student Handbook and may be accessed via the Student Portal (

 You should make yourself aware of all sections of this Handbook, but especially your attention is drawn to Section 4 on Student Misconduct (including Plagiarism) and Section 10 on Grievance and Appeals. Your unit coordinators will address these in their general introductions to the units and the assessment associated with those units.

 These policies are available at:

 Library policies are available at the same website.

Student conduct

The College expects students to behave in an appropriate and courteous manner to other students and staff and there is a Policy in place that sets out the expected code of conduct. Bullying, discourteous comments and actions, derogatory remarks and remarks and behaviour of a racist or sexist nature will not be tolerated. The School also has a set of expectations of how students should conduct themselves. As psychologists of the future, current students should expect of themselves to attempt to understand and empathise with other people in all situations and at all times and this should manifest itself in understanding and sympathetic relations to others.

 The College code is available at: