Graduate Attributes

The Master of Psychology (Clinical) prepares graduates with eight core professional psychology capabilities:

(1)  understanding the discipline of psychology;

(2)  ethical, legal and professional aspects of psychology practice;

(3)  psychological assessment and measurement;

(4)  psychological intervention strategies;

(5)  research and evaluation for psychology practice;

(6)  communication and interpersonal skills for psychology practice;

(7)  psychology practice in a cross-cultural context;

(8)  psychology practice across the lifespan.

In addition, graduates of the MPsych(Clin) study specialist areas of clinical psychology and graduates will be prepared:

(1)  to work across a variety of clinical settings;

(2)  to evaluate and treat people experiencing or being affected by mental health problems, mental disorder and mental   illness;

(3)  to contribute to the development of the profession;

(4)  to select and use evidence-based procedures and techniques and to critically evaluate their own clinical practice as well as research evidence.