Student Placements

The Master of Social Work (Qualifying) includes two placements totalling 1,000 hours. These placements are split into Field Education 1 and Field Education 2. Each 500-hour placement includes 12 hours of practice-theory integration seminars, which are taught fortnightly. These seminars are designed to facilitate the integration of theory and practice during the students' learning experience.

Placements are only available in Trimester 3 (September - December) of each academic year. In the standard sequence, placements will be completed in T3 (Year 1) and T6 (Year 2). Planning for Field Education begins in the trimester prior to your placement.  

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for Field Education 1 may be available on application. Please refer to the Field Education section in the Student Lounge for more information on the application process. 

Placement Opportunities for Field Education 1
Agencies and human service organisations, such as Child Protection, Centrelink, schools, family and children's services, community health centres, crisis support and/or accommodation services, hospitals, housing services, mental health services, and large and small government and NGOs will be utilised for the placement. 

Placement Opportunities for Field Education 2
In addition to the above placement opportunities, students can undertake a research, community development or policy placement, where they will have the opportunity to undertake a project of some kind. Further placement options include: local government, local councils and federal electorates, university, trade unions, community health centres, neighbourhood houses, neighbourhood renewal programs, and with special research projects.

Any questions about the Social Work Field Education Program can be directed to Ms Mary Cantrill, Student Placement Relationship Coordinator, at