Sequencing and Structure - from Trimester 2 2017

CHC50413 Diploma of Youth Work

Please note, the course must be studied in the sequence outlined below.   

Subject Name

Embedded Unit/s of Competency

1. CHC0321P Working in Industry 1

Online students: co-requisite Workshop 1 (1 day workshop)

Work Placement A is incorporated into CHC0321P Working in Industry 1.

  • CHCPRP003 - Reflect on and improve own professional practice
  • HLTWHS001  - Participate in workplace health and safety
  • CHCLEG003 - Manage legal and ethical compliance

2. CHC0302P Working with young people

Online students: co-requisite Workshop 2 (1 day workshop)

  • CHCYTH001 - Engage respectfully with young people
  • CHCYTH002 - Work effectively with young people in the youth work context

3. CHC0305P Working in Industry 2


  • CHCCOM003 Develop workplace communication strategies
  • CHCPRP001 Develop and maintain networks and collaborative partnerships

4. CHC0323P Young people in society

[Co-requisite CHC0304PZ Work Placement B]

  • CHCDEV002 - Analyse impacts of sociological factors on clients in community work and services
  • CHCDIV001 - Work with diverse people
  • CHCDIV002 - Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety

5. CHC0306P Youth Work Practice (Individual support and case management)

Online students: co-requisite Workshop 3 (1 day workshop)

[Co-requisite CHC0304PZ Work Placement B]

  • CHCCSM005 - Develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management
  • CHCYTH005 - Develop and implement procedures to enable young people to address their needs

6. CHC0307P Working with young people in crisis

[Co-requisite CHC0304PZ Work Placement B]

Online students: co-requisite Workshop 4 (1 day workshop)

Pre-requisite CHC0321P Working in Industry 1


Pre-requisite CHC0302P Working with Young People 

  • CHCPRT001 - Identify and respond to children and young people at risk
  • CHCYTH012 - Manage service response to young people in crisis

7. CHC0309P Youth Work Practice (Community and group work)

[Co-requisite CHC0308PZ Work Placement C]


  • CHCYTH008 - Support young people to take collective action
  • CHCGRP002 - Plan and conduct group activities
  • CHCCDE012 - Work within organisation and government structures to enable community development outcomes

8. CHC0107P Mental Health

Online students: co-requisite Workshop Common Subject - Mental Health (1 day workshop)

  • CHCMHS001 - Work with people with mental health issues
  • CHCMHS006 - Facilitate the recovery process with the person, family and carers

 9. CHC0311P Working in Industry 3

[Co-requisite CHC0308PZ Work Placement C]

Pre-requisite CHC0305P Working in Industry 2

  • CHCCCS007 - Develop and implement service programs
  • CHCYTH009 - Support youth programs