Sequencing and Structure - up until Trimester 1 2016

Please note, the course must be studied in the sequence outlined below.   

Subject Name

Embedded Unit/s of Competency

1. CHC0321P Working in Industry 1*

Online students: co-requisite Workshop 1 (1 day workshop)

  • CHCPRP003 - Reflect on and improve own professional practice^
  • HLTWHS001  - Participate in workplace health and safety
  • CHCLEG003 - Manage legal and ethical compliance^

2. CHC0302P Working with young people

[Co-requisite CHC0300PZ Work Placement A]

Online students: co-requisite Workshop 2 (1 day workshop)

  • CHCYTH001 - Engage respectfully with young people
  • CHCYTH002 - Work effectively with young people in the youth work context

3. CHC0323P Young people in society**

[Co-requisite CHC0300PZ Work Placement A]


  • CHCDEV002 - Analyse impacts of sociological factors on clients in community work and services
  • CHCDIV001 - Work with diverse people^
  • CHCDIV002 - Promote Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander cultural safety^

4. CHC0305P Working in Industry 2

Pre-requisite CHC0321P Working in Industry 1

  • CHCCOM003 - Develop workplace communication strategies^
  • CHCPRP001 - Develop and maintain networks and collaborative partnerships^

5. CHC0306P Youth Work Practice (Individual support and case management)

Online students: co-requisite Workshop 3 (1 day workshop)

  • CHCCSM005 - Develop, facilitate and review all aspects of case management^
  • CHCYTH005 - Develop and implement procedures to enable young people to address their needs

6. CHC0307P Working with young people in crisis

[Co-requisite CHC0304PZ Work Placement B]

Online students: co-requisite Workshop 4 (1 day workshop)

Pre-requisite CHC0321P Working in Industry 1


Pre-requisite CHC0302P Working with Young People 

  • CHCPRT001 - Identify and respond to children and young people at risk
  • CHCYTH012 - Manage service response to young people in crisis

7. CHC0309P Youth Work Practice (Community and group work)

[Co-requisite CHC0308PZ Work Placement C]


  • CHCYTH008 - Support young people to take collective action
  • CHCGRP002 - Plan and conduct group activities^
  • CHCCDE012 - Work within organisation and government structures to enable community development outcomes^

8. CHC0310P Mental health and wellbeing

Online students: co-requisite Workshop 5 (2 day workshop)

  • CHCMHS001 - Work with people with mental health issues^
  • CHCMHS006 - Facilitate the recovery process with the person, family and carers^

 9. CHC0311P Working in Industry 3

[Co-requisite CHC0308PZ Work Placement C]

Pre-requisite CHC0305P Working in Industry 2

  • CHCCCS007 - Develop and implement service programs^
  • CHCYTH009 - Support youth programs

This course has been updated from Trimester 1 2016 in line with the latest industry standards as indicated here.  In all cases, students who successfully completed the replaced subject or unit of competency will receive advanced standing for the replacing subject or unit of competency as applicable, except where noted.  

 *This subject code has changed (formerly CHC0301P)

** This subject code has changed (formerly CHC0303P)

^ This unit of competency has been updated from Trimester 1 2016 in line with latest industry training standards as indicated here.