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BESC2091 Coaching Applications

Bachelor Course Unit

Level: 200

Credit points: 6

Prerequisites: BESC1081 Coaching Theory and Practice

Mode of Delivery: On Campus & Synchronous Online

Unit Description

This unit forms part of the coaching specialisation and focuses on the application of coaching in a variety of settings and human endeavours across the lifespan. Students will learn how to tailor and adapt the coaching process to various client bases, such as towards achieving health and wellness goals, professional/career goals, personal/life goals, education goals and relationship goals. The unit will also cover current issues in the practice of coaching across the various niche markets. The capacity to assess the ethics and effectiveness of coaching is also explored in depth.

The Bachelor of Counselling (Coaching) is an Accredited Coach Training Programme (ACTP) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). What this means for students is that firstly they are able to apply for membership with the ICF whilst undertaking their degree. Secondly, once a student completes their degree, they are eligible to apply for a credential with the ICF - Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential or an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential. Which credential students become eligible to apply for depends on how well they perform in their coaching assessment in their final coaching unit ‘Coaching Practice and Supervision’. That is, if students pass the final assessment at the PCC level they will receive a certificate indicating that they have passed an ACTP and are eligible to apply for a PCC credential. If students do not meet the PCC standard, they will receive an alternative certificate indicating that they are eligible to apply for an ACC credential. In order to ensure students meet the final assessment requirements it is highly recommended that students find opportunities to practice coaching beyond the classroom space.

Please refer to this link regarding credentials with the ICF in order to gain a full understanding of what is required:

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the application of coaching models with diverse individuals, groups and teams across the lifespan
  • Apply coaching interventions to facilitate clients’ goals; including professional and personal objectives
  • Discuss current issues and applications in coaching
  • Demonstrate the ability to devise and implement a coherent intervention plan that links development targets and development actions
  • Demonstrate the ability to reflect on and evaluate coaching practice
  • Develop the integration of the ICF Core Competencies into coaching practice and to develop coaching skills
  • Experience feedback in a safe and supportive environment

Unit workload

The workload for this unit is 9 hours per week.


The required text book for this unit  can be found by viewing the School of Counselling textbook list by selecting the course and trimester at the following link:


Academic misconduct

Ethical conduct and academic integrity and honesty are fundamental to the mission of ACAP. Academic misconduct will not be tolerated by the college. Please refer to the Academic Misconduct Policy for full details.


Unit information may be subject to change prior to the teaching trimester commencing. Once term has commenced please review the Unit Outline in your class space to ensure your trimester study plan is correct.