BESC2921 Career Counselling and Assessment - archive

Bachelor Course Unit

BESC2921 Career Counselling and Assessment

Level: 3rd year

Credit points: 3

Prerequisites: none

Unit description

The purpose of this unit is to provide students with knowledge and skills in career counselling and assessment. The unit provides a comprehensive theoretical and practical foundation in career counselling. It enables students already familiar with counselling issues to understand the particular needs, issues, and concerns of adults in career identification and/or transition. This unit also contributes to an in-depth understanding of client assessment to meet the special and diverse needs of those intent on or forced to change, develop or extend their career aspirations. The unit addresses the important issues involved in the selection, use, and interpretation of assessment instruments for career counselling. It looks at the use of technology in various career counselling settings, and finally provides career counsellors with a comprehensive list of resources, suppliers and references for career counselling materials.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit students should be able to:

  • describe the context and environment of career counselling
  • identity the processes and techniques used in career counselling
  • describe major theoretical perspectives on career counselling
  • explain influences on career choice and decision-making
  • evaluate career counselling assessment instruments
  • use professional and ethical client assessment methods
  • describe the current major work search, application, and interviewing approaches
  • describe the uses of technology in career counselling assessment
  • develop a professional library of career counselling resources and a referral network

Unit workload

The workload for this unit is 9.75 hours per week.

Assignment summary

Please refer to the document available here.


The required text book for this unit  can be found by viewing the School of Counselling textbook list by selecting the course and trimester at the following link:

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