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BESC3001 Work-integrated Placement 1

Bachelor Course Unit

Level: 300

Credit points: 6

Prerequisites: BESC2001 - Social, Legal and Ethical Frameworks

Unit Description

Placement is the opportunity to apply theoretical learning gained in your degree to the workplace in a way which will allow you to view work practices, relationships, policies and mission statements with a higher-level understanding. The experience of being supervised while in a work-integrated placement situates you in a learning environment which encourages you to challenge previously-held knowledge about your role and ability to help people create change. Theoretical concepts will be applied in real-life situations to enable you to develop a professional sense of how and why theory underpins effective practice: This unit aims to show how abstract theory, applied with knowledge and support from workplace and academic mentors, can transform your understanding of the practical aspects of social and human sciences workplaces.

Students will be asked to reflect on how power, privilege or the absence of these operates at organisational and interpersonal levels. The aim is for students to create, by observing these dynamics in the workplace through an enhanced theoretically-informed view, deeper personal understandings of their implications at micro- and macro-levels.

Students will work alongside colleagues in the field to gain practical experience and a deep understanding of the social and structural constraints and supports in the lives of people. Critical reflexivity is a key skill to help understand these concepts and as such, students will examine, both personally and through conversations with peers and the supervisor in class, the areas in which they hold or are denied privilege, and the ways in which their status may inhibit their ability to see their impact on other groups.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the practical application of knowledge and skills in workplace settings;
  • Apply social science concepts to analyse key practices in their placement organisations;
  • Analyse the influence of policy, funding, and social and cultural contexts on the organisational mission, values, roles, structure, functions and culture;
  • Demonstrate ethical decision-making skills in their placement, with respect for the rights and autonomy of the service's clients;
  • Demonstrate cultural sensitivity and provide culturally safe services to diverse groups;
  • Critically reflect on their role and performance in their placement organisation.

Unit workload

The workload for this unit is 14 hours per week.

Work Integrated Placement classes 

Work Integrated Placement classes are offered On Campus and Online. On Campus class times may change between trimesters, whereas Online synchronous class times tend to be the same each trimester.

On Campus class times for current enrolment periods can be accessed here.

Online times can be accessed here (scroll down the page and open the document at the bottom of the page).

Students are encouraged to plan their unit enrolment early to avoid clashes with their placement or other units.


The required text book for this unit can be found by viewing the Discipline of Counselling textbook list by selecting the course and trimester at the following link:

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Unit information may be subject to change prior to the teaching trimester commencing. Once term has commenced please review the Unit Outline in your class space to ensure your trimester study plan is correct.