PSYC5362 Psychological Measurement and Assessment Advanced

Graduate Diploma Unit


One trimester


Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science – AQF Level 8

Credit points:

6 (out of 54)




This unit is a third year core coursework unit for students in the Bachelor of Psychological Science. This unit introduces students to the fundamentals of abnormal psychology from a descriptive, theoretical and experimental perspective.

Learning and Teaching Process

This unit comprises ten (10) weekly 3 hour lectures and nine (9) weekly 1 hour tutorials.  Lectures commence in Week 1 of the trimester and will be captured electronically at the time of delivery and will automatically be made available online within the following 24 hours. Attendance at tutorials is compulsory; students should attend, from Week 2, the tutorial class into which they are enrolled.

All students are provided with secure online access to comprehensive unit learning resources via the Student Portal. Unit Coordinators, Lecturers, and Student Support staff are available to students (in all modes of delivery) at designated times via email and telephone contact throughout the duration of the unit.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this unit students should be able to:

a) Demonstrate an understanding of test theory and the concepts of validity, reliability and their various forms to answer a specific question in a field of professional practice

b) Articulate the strengths and limitations of psychological assessment

c) Critically assess the usefulness of psychological tests in light of descriptions of their development and the methods used to assess key psychometric concepts

d) Demonstrate an advanced understanding of some commonly used psychological assessment tests and procedures for the areas of intelligence, aptitudes, personality and in organisational settings

e) Apply a critical understanding of the ethical issues associated with psychological measurement and assessment and the ways in which professional standards have been developed to manage the training and execution of ethical practice.

f) Demonstrate the ability to select specialised assessment methods to provide a solution to a specific question

g) Communicate understanding of key concepts to an audience of peers

Unit content

Week Lecture Topic Tutorial Topic


No tutorial Wk 1

Properties of Assessments



Reliability and Validity

Discussion of Progress exam, written assignment and final exam


Psychometrics Part II and Intelligence



Intelligence and the Flynn Effect


Achievement and Special Ability Assessment

Intelligence Assessment


Personality Part I: Self-report and Introspection

Ability Assessment


Personality Part II: Projective and Behavioural Assessment



Organisational Assessment

Personality Assessment


Clinical and Neuropsychological Assessment

Clinical Assessment

Assessment Summary

Type Weighting Length
Assessment 1: Online Quiz 20% 1 hour & 30 minute time limit
Assessment 2: Research Report 30% 3000 words
Assessment 3: Final Exam 50% 2 hour time limit


This unit outline may be updated and amended from time to time.