Analyse Client Information

VET Diploma Level Module

The Analyse Client Information module covers one unit of competency – CHCLD515A Analyse client information for service planning and delivery.

This module is designed to give students detailed information about the application of in-depth level of knowledge of human development required to analyse available information in relation to specific services to be provided.

As case managers it is important to offer clients quality service which is dependent on their ability to gather and interpret information about their clients and their clients’ situations.

Learning Elements

The one unit of competency covers three elements or learning outcomes.

  • Analyse available client information
  • Plan action/s to address client developmental status and identified issues
  • Implement services

Content Areas

  • Analysing client information
  • Understanding client information
  • Identifying variations from the norm
  • Identifying social, psychological and developmental issues
  • The impact of interventions
  • Developing a plan with the client
  • Contra-indications and their implications
  • Documenting an action plan
  • Implementing the action plan
  • Provide services
  • Maintaining records
  • Monitoring the impact of services


Module Duration and Workload

This module involves a total of 96 hours per term of study which translates to 8 hours per week for the module. The module has a course work component, teacher contact, research, related study activities, and completion of assessment tasks.