CHC0102P Skills for Working In Industry

VET Diploma Level Subject

This unit is focused upon working in industry. It describes the skills and knowledge required to evaluate and enhance our own practice through a process of reflection and ongoing professional development. This unit applies to people working in roles with managerial responsibility for legal and ethical compliance in small- to medium-sized organisations where there may or may not be a team of workers involved. This unit will also describe the skills and knowledge required to research information about compliance and ethical practice responsibilities, and then develop and monitor policies and procedures to meet those responsibilities. When working within the industry we must also have an understanding of the need to maintain safe workplace practice, thus this subject will also describe the skills and knowledge required to establish, maintain and evaluate work health and safety (WHS) policies, procedures and programs in the relevant work area, according to WHS legislative requirements.

This unit applies to workers who have responsibility for WHS as part of their role, including workers with obligations under WHS legislation, persons conducting a business or undertaking (PCBUs), or their officers (as defined by relevant legislation).

This unit applies to workers in all industry sectors who take pro-active responsibility for their own professional development. In this subject we look at how the skills and knowledge learnt will reflect in professional practice. We are required to support all those in the welfare sector and to do so must spend time in self-evaluation and reflection of current practice and learning.  We particularly look at why ongoing (self) professional development is important for the learner in order to better support those people who we work with directly.

Learning Elements

The unit of competency CHCPRP003 ‘Reflect on and improve own professional practice’ contains three elements or learning outcomes. You will learn to:

  • Reflect on own practice
  • Enhance own practice
  • Facilitate ongoing professional development

The unit of competency HLTWHS004 ‘Manage work health and safety’ contains four elements or learning outcomes. You will learn to:

  • Establish work health and safety practices
  • Facilitate consultation, cooperation and communication
  • Monitor compliance with risk control processes
  • Evaluate and maintain WHS

The unit of competency CHCLEG003 ‘Manage legal and ethical compliance’ contains five elements or learning outcomes. You will learn to:

  • Research information required for legal compliance
  • Determine ethical responsibilities
  • Develop and communicate policies and procedures
  • Monitor compliance
  • Maintain knowledge of compliance requirements

Content Areas

  • WHS in the community services sector
  • Ethical principles
  • Client rights: confidentiality, consent, freedom of information & privacy
  • Industry law and ethics: risk assessment, safety planning, and mandatory reporting
  • Working collaboratively with carers
  • Policies, procedures, values, and practices within the community services industry
  • Continuous professional development and an organisational environment of learning
  • Managing WHS in your workplace
  • Client rights: access and equity
  • Breaches of legal and ethical practice
  • Working with involuntary or mandated clients
  • Work-related mental disorders and WHS management of stress

Subject Duration and Workload

This subject involves a total of 130 hours per term of study including course work component, teacher contact, research and related study activities, translating to approximately 10 hours of study per week. Students will need to allocate additional time for the completion of assessment activities related to the subject.