CHC0109P Program Development


VET Diploma Level Subject

This subject describes the skills and knowledge required to engage consumers, analyse service needs of particular groups, develop programs and services to meet those needs and to monitor and support workers.

This includes implementing support processes to manage stress and emotional wellbeing of self or colleagues working in varied health and community service contexts. It also involves facilitating structured debriefing sessions to colleagues following incidents with the potential to impact on health and wellbeing.

The subject applies to workers coordinating or managing teams and operations in varied service delivery contexts, and workers in leadership or management roles where the individual provides peer-to-peer support to colleagues and refers to specialised support services in line with organisation guidelines as required.

Learning Elements

The unit of competency CHCCCS007 ‘Develop and implement service programs’ contains four elements or learning outcomes. You will learn to:

  • Engage consumers in the analysis of service needs
  • Develop programs
  • Implement and monitor programs
  • Evaluate programs

The unit of competency CHCMGT005 ‘Facilitate workplace debriefing and support processes’ contains two elements or learning outcomes. You will learn to:

  • Monitor welfare of colleagues
  • Conduct structured debriefings following an incident

Content Areas

  • Introduction to Program Development
  • Needs Analysis
  • Program Planning
  • Program Budget
  • Evaluation & Monitoring
  • Program Implementation
  • Final Report & Resources
  • Monitor Colleagues Wellbeing
  • Workplace Practices
  • Personal & Professional Reflections
  • Debriefing
  • Subject & Placement Review

Subject Duration and Workload

This subject involves a total of 232 hours per term of study including course work component, teacher contact, research and related study activities, translating to approximately 11 hours of study per week. Students will need to allocate additional time for the completion of assessment activities related to the subject.

This subject also includes a co-requisite work placement within a community services workplace for 100 hours.