CHC0406P Applied Counselling Therapies

VET Diploma Level Subject

This subject is designed to enable you to use a range of counselling therapies to assist clients in dealing with a variety of life issues. You will also develop the knowledge and skills required to support clients in planning a course of action. Skills and knowledge developed in this subject are intended to be applied in the context of counselling work and in delivery of a range of community services. Additional knowledge may be required to address specific workplace requirements.

Learning Elements

The unit of competency CHCCSL006 Select and use counselling therapies contains three elements or learning outcomes. You will learn to:

  • Select counselling therapies
  • Use counselling therapies
  • Evaluate use of counselling therapies

The unit of competency CHCCSL007 Support counselling clients in decision-making processes contains three elements or learning outcomes.  You will learn to:

  • Assist clients to clarify goals and requirements
  • Explore options with clients
  • Support clients to reach decisions

Content Areas

  • Counselling therapies
  • Selecting appropriate counselling therapies
  • Evaluating counselling therapies
  • Working with specific issues
  • Social, legal and ethical issues in counselling
  • Decision – making processes and models
  • Problem solving
  • Action planning
  • Documentation
  • Counsellor supervision and support

Subject Duration and Workload

This subject involves a total of 132 hours per term of study including course work component, teacher contact, research and related study activities, translating to approximately 11 hours of study per week. Students will need to allocate additional time for the completion of assessment activities related to the subject.