Improving Skills to Support Client Self-Management

VET Diploma Level Module

The Improving skills to support client self-management module covers two units of competency – CHCCW503A Work intensively with clients and CHCICS406B Support client self-management

This module is designed to give students detailed information about the role and responsibilities of the case manager in providing intensive case management intervention to clients who have complex needs.  Strategies to support client’s self management will also be outlined together with the need for on-going assessment to determine any potential risks to client/s.

Learning Elements

The two units of competency cover eight elements or learning outcomes.

  • Provide high quality casework
  • Enlist specialist services
  • Establish transition processes
  • Provide support in a client-focused manner
  • Provide strengths-based support
  • Support the client to develop and/or maintain networks
  • Support positive coping skills and behaviours within a person-centred framework
  • Support service and resources access

Content Areas

  • Introduction to intensive client work
  • The client-focused approach to service delivery
  • Understanding and respecting a client’s context
  • Strength based practice
  • Statutory/legislative and organisational requirements
  • Analysis, assessment and intervention
  • Client coping skills
  • Group Processes
  • Exit planning
  • Identify and respond to potential crises
  • Non-compliance
  • Professional considerations for Case Managers

Module Duration and Workload

This module involves a total of 96 hours per term of study which translates to 8 hours per week for the module. The module has a course work component, teacher contact, research, related study activities, and completion of assessment tasks.