Managing Clients with Complex Needs

VET Diploma Level Module

The Managing Clients with Complex Needs module comprises three units of competency – Unit CHCCS416B – Assess and provide services for clients with complex needs, Unit CHCCS607E –  Coordinate in-service assessment and response to address client needs, and CHCNET404B – Facilitate links with other services.

This module is designed to give students an understanding of managing clients with complex needs. It is about the ways organisations address client needs in the community services sector. Complex client needs and processes involved in case management practices such as assessment and referral process are outlined. This module also covers the knowledge and skills required to liaise and facilitate linkages between all community services, including specialist and generalist services, to ensure support of people in need.

In this module students will learn to assess and analyse client needs and link this knowledge to the effective delivery of services. Students will learn how to assess available services and establish and maintain effective networks between agencies.

Learning Elements

The three units of competency cover nine elements or learning outcomes.

  • Assess and analyse client needs
  • Identify and provide for the delivery of services to meet client needs
  • Evaluate client service delivery
  • Identify program requirements for individual clients
  • Coordinate program delivery to ensure client needs are addressed
  • Coordinate the evaluation of client service delivery
  • Identify and maintain links with relevant services
  • Provide relevant information to services
  • Work with and support other organisations to enhance service delivery

 Content Areas

  • Introduction to Service Delivery
  • Client Rights, Responsibilities and Needs
  • Matching clients and services – working with diversity
  • The use of information – organizational and legislative requirements
  • Assessing and analysing client needs
  • Developing programs designed to meet client needs
  • The importance of links with other community services
  • Making Referrals
  • Monitoring and evaluating services for clients
  • Evaluating programs – staff perspectives
  • Addressing staff needs
  • Bringing together knowledge of services

Module Duration and Workload

This module involves a total of 96 hours per term of study which translates to 8 hours per week for the module. The module has a course work component, teacher contact, research, related study activities, and completion of assessment tasks.