Counselling Theories

VET Diploma Level Module

This module is designed to provide you with an introduction to the application of key concepts and constructs underlying theories of personality and human development. You will also develop the skills and knowledge required to apply theory underpinning behaviourism and social cognitive (modelling) in counselling practice.
Skills and knowledge developed in this module are intended to be applied in the facilitation of the client-counsellor relationship and to formulate and monitor a program for behaviour change in a counselling context.

Learning Outcomes

  • Using personality and development theories to help clients understand themselves and reach their goals
  • Understand how environmental factors impact on client behaviour
  • Help clients change unhelpful behaviour

Content Areas

  • Introduction
  • Part 1: Personality and Development Theory
  • Part 2: Personality and Development Theory
  • Part 3: Personality and Development Theory
  • Personality and Development Theory Applied to Counselling
  • Part 1: Behaviourism
  • Part 2: Behaviourism
  • Behaviourism and the Client’s Environment
  • Formulating a Program for Client Change
  • Part 1: The Impact of the Client’s Environment
  • Part 2: The Impact of the Client’s Environment
  • Part 3: The Impact of the Client’s Environment

Module Duration and Workload

This module involves a total of 96 hours per term of study including course work component, teacher contact, research and related study activities, translating to approximately 8 hours of study per week. Students will need to allocate additional time for the completion of assessment activities related to the module.