Working in Mental Health

VET Diploma Level Module

Working in Mental Health covers two units of competency –

  • CHCMH402B Apply understanding of mental health issues and recovery processes and 
  • CHCMH411A - Work with people with mental health issues

This module is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required to contribute to the recovery of people affected by a mental illness in the context of the impact of mental illness on clients, their carer/s and families.

This module applies to working with people affected by a mental illness in a range of community services work contexts. Students will learn to take a person-centred approach to care, and involve a variety of health and community service professionals to work collaboratively with the client, their carer/s and family.

Learning Elements

The two unit of competency covers four elements or learning outcomes.

  • Work within the context of different mental health diagnoses
  • Apply knowledge of the impact of mental illness on people's lives
  • Apply an understanding of the impact of social determinants on health
  • Work with families, carer/s friends and other networks to support people with mental illness

Content Areas

  • An introduction to mental illness
  • Recovery
  • Recognising strengths
  • Treatment of mental illness
  • The lived experience of mental illness
  • Building on natural supports
  • Knowledge makes a real difference
  • Overcoming barriers to recovery
  • The sadness and loss that comes with a mental illness
  • Strengthening protective behaviours
  • Support for mental health workers
  • Turning evidence into practice

Module Duration and Workload

This module involves a total of 96 hours per term of study which translates to 8 hours per week for the module. The module has a course work component, teacher contact, research, related study activities, and completion of assessment tasks.