Summer School - School of Counselling

What is Summer School?

Summer School is a short intensive term between Trimester 3 and Trimester 1 of the following year. Selected units on offer are studied in intensive mode. Summer School is an accelerated study period, where the same content is covered in a concentrated time frame.

On Campus units run for five full days, 9am to 5pm in January or February. The teaching week typically begins on a Wednesday and ends on the Tuesday of the following week, with the weekend in between without classes. You will be expected to attend class for all five full days. Assessment due dates are set shortly after, and within two weeks of the last day of class (refer to dates schedule below).

Online units are delivered fully online over a period of four weeks. Study times are flexible as you do not have to attend any set face to face or online sessions. However, assessment due dates are set during and within one week after the last teaching day (refer to dates schedule below).

Blended units are delivered via a mix of online study, four compulsory synchronous (real time) online sessions at set times, and a two-day compulsory workshop over a period of four weeks. Assessment due dates are set during and within one week after the last teaching day (refer to dates schedule below).

Why do Summer School?

Summer School can help you to fast track your course, or to make up time when you may have studied part time.  Please be aware that PACFA accredited programs have minimum completion times (three years for undergraduate degrees and two years for postgraduate qualifications). This means that if you have maintained a full time study load during the year, you may not be able to fast track your program.

You may study up to two units in Summer School. When considering Summer School study, please be aware of the much more intensive study mode and allow sufficient time for yourself to study, attend classes/workshops and complete assignments during that time.

What is on offer?

Please refer to the relevant yearly planner for your course available in class timetables page here.

How do I enrol in Summer School?

You can enrol in Summer School through the Student Portal.

What are important dates?

For general enrolment and census dates in relation to Summer School, please refer to the Academic Calendar.

What support is available?

All administrative, academic and personal support services are available during Summer School. You can find contact details here, or enquire in person at any ACAP campus reception.


Please be advised that classes will only run if there are sufficient enrolment numbers. Units on offer are subject to change.