Careers & Pathways

Pathways to Future Study following the Diploma of Community Services Case Management (CHC52008)

On completion of this qualification, students are eligible for advanced standing equivalent to 8 units admission into ACAP’s suite of courses; 

School of Counselling (credit for 8 units):

School of Psychological Sciences (credit for 8 non-psychology electives):

School of Social Work (credit for 8 units):

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Careers following the Diploma of Community Services Case Management (CHC52008)

The Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) qualification provides students with the skills, knowledge and experience to obtain employment in case management and case work intervention services to clients within the Community Services Industry. They will most likely work under the broad direction from a senior manager. Typical employment outcomes for this qualification are:

  • Refugee and migrant support worker
  • Case worker
  • Family support worker
  • Welfare support worker
  • Case manager
  • Community worker

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