Sequencing and Structure - from Term 1 2015

Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) CHC52008* - Term 1 2015

Module Name

Embedded Unit/s of Competency

1. CHC8D11V Communication Skills and Relationships
[Co-requisite Dip.Community Services (Case Management) Workshop 1 if you are studying this module online]


  • CHCCOM403A - Use targeted communication skills to build relationships

2. CHC8D20V Facilitating Case Management
[Co-requisite Dip.Community Services (Case Management) Workshop 2 if you are studying this module online]


  • CHCCM503C - Develop, facilitate and monitor all aspects of case management
  • CHCCM504D - Promote high quality case management

3. HLT7D32V Working with Clients from Diverse Cultures

  • HLTHIR403C - Work effectively with culturally diverse clients and co-workers
  • HLTHIR404D - Work effectively with Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people

4. CHC8D70V  Understanding  Client Developmental Status

[Prerequisite for  CHC8D26V Analyse Client Information (module 7)]

  • CHCLD415A - Confirm client developmental status

5. CHC8D27V Improving Skills to Support Client Self Management

[Co-requisite Dip.Community Services (Case Management) Workshop 3 if you are studying this module online]


  • CHCCW503A - Work intensively with clients
  • CHCICS406B - Support Client self management

6. CHC8D32V Managing Clients with Complex Needs

  • CHCCS416B - Assess and provide services for clients with complex needs
  • CHCCS607E - Coordinate in-service assessment and response to address client needs
  • CHCNET404B - Facilitate links with other services

7.  CHC8D26V Analyse Client Information

[CHC8D70V Understanding Client Developmental Status must be completed before you are able to study CHC8D26V Analyse Client Information]


  • CHCLD515A - Analyse client information for service planning and delivery

8 . CHC8D80V Understanding Mental Health Issues and Recovery Processes

  • CHCMH402B - Apply understanding of mental health issues and recovery processes

9. CHC8D25V Improving Professional Practice

  • CHCORG428A - Reflect and improve own professional practice
  • CHCCS400C - Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework
  • HLTWHS300A - Contribute to Work Health & Safety Processes


*Superseded. Updated in line with national industry standards.