How do I apply for an extension to my Assessment?

What is an Assessment extension?

You can apply for an extension if extenuating circumstances have prevented you from submitting an assessment by the due date

  • Extensions will only be granted in exceptional circumstances which are judged to be unforeseen and beyond the student’s control. Refer to your Assessment Extension Application Form.
  • Extensions will not be considered or granted for resubmitted assessments.
  • ACAP reserves the right to refuse an application for an extension.  Students will be notified of the outcome of their application for an extension within two (2) working days by email. Students who have not received a response within this timeframe should contact the appropriate VET Coordinator.
  • No extension can exceed three (3) weeks from the original due date.  The number of days granted for an extension will be based on the evidence supplied in the student’s supporting documentation.

How do I apply?

  • For an extension of up to one (1) week it is the responsibility of the student to make the request directly to the subject teacher. The teacher will only grant an extension on medical, compassionate or other serious grounds. Extension requests must be submitted no later than the Thursday prior to the Sunday due date, unless special unforeseen circumstances prevent the student from applying within this period.
  • Requests for an extension in excess of one (1) week from the original assessment due date must be submitted to the appropriate VET Coordinator, using an Assessment Extension Application Form.  This form must be completed and submitted for approval in person, by email or fax at least three (3) full  working days before the revised due date of the assessment unless the special unforeseen circumstances prevent the student from applying within this period. 

Assessment Appeal

  • Assessment Appeal; A student has the right to appeal a decision to refuse an extension by following the college’s Academic Grievances, Complaints and Appeals Policy
  • All students have the right to apply for special consideration due to illness or other misadventure.  However, please note that personal, medical and employment difficulties will not be considered as valid grounds for an assessment appeal. Students experiencing such difficulties should consider deferring their studies until a later date.

Reasonable Adjustment

Reasonable adjustment is provided to students who require assistance. The student, teacher or support person may request reasonable adjustment in the presentation of evidence for assessment of competency. To ensure the evidence criteria is maintained a Curriculum Team member will guide the teacher in how to appropriately assess a student who has been granted reasonable adjustment.