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How do I apply for an extension to my Assessment?


Requesting an Extension of Time for an Assessment

Students are notified of assessment details well in advance of due dates. All students are expected to submit their assessments by the due date. In rare circumstances a student may be granted an extension of time for the submission of an assessment.
The timely submission of assessment or the appropriate negotiation of an extension is the responsibility of the student. As students are notified of assessment details well in advance of due dates, extensions will not be granted without demonstrated serious cause.


The assessment policy applies to all current students of the College. This policy does not apply to assessment resubmissions which must be submitted by the due date.

Extensions will only be granted in extenuating circumstances and will only be considered on medical, compassionate or other serious grounds. The request must be accompanied by supporting documentation. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure all relevant supporting documentation is forwarded with the extension application. Submitting a request for an extension does not automatically mean that the extension will be granted.

Types of Extensions Available and How to Apply

Extension requests are made directly to the Academic Administration Team via the online form.

The unit/subject teacher will be informed via email if the extension is granted. No requests for extension should go to the teacher directly.

Extensions will only be granted if the request is made 48 hours prior to the assessment due date.

The College must be satisfied that unforeseen special circumstances apply and will not give extensions on other grounds, such as, poor time management or over commitment in terms of workload.

Students can apply for:

  • Seven calendar days extension from the original due date
  • An additional seven calendar days extension from the re-negotiated due date, if special circumstances apply

Limitations of Extensions

  • The maximum extension granted is 14 calendar days
  • No extensions can be granted beyond the end of a trimester; this may mean that the maximum extension may not be available to all students in all assessments tasks.
  • Extension requests can be made up to 48 hours before the assessment due date
  • No extensions are available for resubmitted assessment tasks.

Notifications of Extensions

Students, and their teacher, will be notified of the outcome of their application within 2 business days by email. Students who have not received a response within this timeframe, should email  to follow up on their application.

Unsuccessful Extension Applications

If the application for an extension is unsuccessful the Assessment Late Submission Guidelines in Attachment 3 allows a student to submit their assessment for marking up to 10 calendar days after the original due date; however, an academic penalty of 5% per day will apply.

A student may appeal a decision to refuse an extension by following the College’s Grievances, Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure.