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How is my Assessment Marked?

 As a student progresses through a module and completes the various assessment tasks, they are assessed on each task as ‘satisfactory’ or ‘not satisfactory’. If a student is assessed as 'not satisfactory' they are given one (1) opportunity to resubmit.  Once all tasks for the subject have been completed satisfactorily, the outcome result of ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’ is recorded.

Teaching staff  make decisions about whether a task has been satisfactorily completed based on the following considerations:

  • all parts of the assessment task/s have been completed to a standard that satisfactorily meets the requirements set out in all of the marking criteria (as set out in the subject)
  • the student’s work is of a standard to be acceptable in the workplace for an entry-level employee in the occupation in question, including acceptable formatting, expression, language, spelling and grammar
  • the assessment and assessment tasks are the student’s own work, except as appropriately acknowledged by the use of referencing 

The College achieves consistency in assessment marking through validation and moderation activities held regularly to improve the way assessment tasks are described and explained and to assist teaching staff to interpret and apply marking criteria consistently.