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What are the types of Assessment formats?

Assessment is a broad term and it is used to describe all the assessment that are required to be submitted by a due date.  Assessments are completed under non supervised conditions. To achieve a result of Competent for a VET subject, a student must satisfactorily complete all assessments.  It is the student’s responsibility to read and follow all instructions for all assessments.

Written Assessments

  • All written assessments must be submitted in Microsoft Word format. PDF format or hand written assessments will not be accepted. 
  • All assessments must be named with the following file naming convention prior to uploading them for marking:   After selecting ‘save as’,  insert your  Surname_Assessment Number  and  Subject Code'.  An example of how this should look is: Jones_Assessment 1_CHC0321P_doc.

Audio-visual Assessments 

Audio-visual assessments (e.g. role-play sessions) are required to be submitted online or in hardcopy on DVD. Students must be aware of the following when completing audio-visual assessments:

  • Online submission of audio visual assessment is required  (for upload instructions click here)
  • There are no DVD hardcopy submissions: If you are having difficulty with uploading your DVD, please refer to the User Guide and/or the IT helpdesk.
  • All audio-visual assessments need to include a recorded message at the beginning of the video stating your name, student ID ,module name, assessment number and class teachers name
  • To protect the privacy of individuals who consent to participate in recorded client sessions, role-plays or interviews that involve the disclosure of private information, the college requires  students to seek the informed consent of the client and/or interviewee
  • Students are required to engage persons who are 18 years of age or over for the purposes of recorded sessions, role-plays and interviews and must not engage family members for the purposes of these recorded sessions, roles plays and interviews
  • Upon completion of the program of study at the college, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the recorded role-play or interview is erased or disposed of appropriately

For more help and resources please visit our Learning Support Website