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Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science recommended sequence of study

Recommended sequence of enrolments for students commencing full time study based on trimester commencement
Year First trimester Second trimester Third trimester

PSYC5252 Psychology: History, Science and Application 2 Advanced

PSYC5262 Foundational Perspectives: Cognition Advanced

PSYC5272 Foundational Perspectives: Biological Bases Advanced

PSYC5282 Foundational Perspectives: Lifespan Development Advanced

PSYC5312 Psychology: History, Science and Application 3 Advanced

PSYC5322 Individual Differences and Assessment Advanced

PSYC5332: Abnormal Psychology and Intervention Advanced

PSYC5342: Social and Community Psychology Advanced

PSYC3222 Applying Psychological Science to Everyday Life

Studying out-of-sequence may result in a unit not being offered in your final trimester which may delay completion of the course.