Bachelor Timetables

Below are links for Bachelor course timetable information. Please use these timetables to plan your studies.

Term Timetable

Please use the term timetable to view additional information on the units running.

Yearly Planner

The Bachelor Yearly Planner allows you to see all the Bachelor units running in the academic year. Not all units run every term so you will need to use the yearly planner to plan your years study.

Enrolment Guide

You can use the relevant course enrolment guide to see which order units can be completed.

Blended Delivery Synchronous Learning and Workshop Timetable

Attendance is required for Blended Delivery units. If you are enrolled in a Blended Delivery unit please use the timetable below to view the times and dates of the attendance required components.  

On-Campus Weekend Timetable

On-campus students have the opportunity to attend Saturday classes. Please use the relevant link below to see which units are available on Saturday.


Term 3, 2018

Coaching Synchronous Learning Unit Timetable

You can view the synchronous learning timetable for coaching units here.

Online Placement and Supervision Class Session Schedule

Students preparing for placement note:  Placement and Supervision classes (where students on placement receive their clinical supervision) via Online Delivery will be scheduled as per the below document. Please use this session schedule to plan ahead for your supervision class studies.