Discipline of Psychological Sciences Examinations

Important Information

Due to Government restrictions on congregating and social distancing, it is unlikely that we will be able to participate in exams in the usual way. Therefore, we have decided to conduct online exams (similar to the mid-term online quizzes on Moodle many of you are used to).  

For further information on how these exams will run please view the full message under Latest Online Communication Updates on the Online Campus page (March 31, 2020 updates). 

Examinations are usually held on campus in Week 13 for each trimester and all students are required to attend and sit their examinations at the scheduled time during exam week. However for Trimester 1 2020 exams will be held online in Week 14.

To assist you in planning please refer to the full Academic Calendar


Examination Rules

All students who sit examinations at ACAP are subject to the ACAP Examination Rules. The rules are available here: ACAP Examination Rules 

Term 1 2020 Examinations Timetable




4 May

12 midnight AEST to 11.59 pm


5 May

12 midnight AEST to 11.59 pm


6 May

12 midnight AEST to 11.59 pm


7 May

12 midnight AEST to 11.59 pm


8 May

12 midnight AEST to 11.59 pm


Bachelor Programs


Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 1


Introduction to Psychology: The Individual, Society and Culture


Introduction to Psychology: Biology, Learning and Cognition


Life Span Development


Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 3



Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 2


Perception and Cognition




Organisational Psychology


Psychological Measurement and Assessment





Learning and Memory


Psychology of Stress, Trauma and Resilience


Grad Cert Psychological Science


Psychology: An Evidence Based Approach 1 Advanced


Introduction to Psychology: The Individual, Society and Culture Advanced


Introduction to Psychology: Biology, learning and Cognition Advanced



Grad Dip Psychological Science

PSYC5212 Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 2 Advanced


Perception and Cognition Advanced


Psychopathology Advanced


Life Span Development Advanced


Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 3 Advanced



Learning and Memory Advanced



Psychological Measurement and Assessment Advanced

Bachelor Psychological Science Honours





Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 4





Psychological Assessment for Professional Psychology



Human Neuropsychology and Neuropsychiatric Disorders







Psychology, Health and Wellbeing



Timetable Clashes

If your exam is at the same time as another class, workshop or exam for another unit in your program, it is advised that you attend your class or workshop so you meet attendance requirements.  

Please email StudentCentral@acap.edu.au to schedule alternate exam session.  Your request will be verified against your enrolment.

Deferred exams – What if I am not able to sit my exam on the scheduled date and time?

For students unable to attend the scheduled dates or time due to unexpected events outside their control during the examination period such as:

  • Illness supported by medical certificate
  • Please note that special consideration and approval for deferred examinations is for unforeseen events as above. e.g. Scheduling a trip or holiday in week 13 or prior to end of term or incorrectly noting your exam date and time will not be considered. 

If you require ongoing support including academic please refer the Students Services and AccessAbility information

Deferred exams and dates

Trimester 1 2020


Monday 11 May

Tuesday 12 May

Wednesday 13 May

Thursday 14 May

Friday 15 May

12 midnight AEST to 11.59 pm

Deferred exams

Deferred exams

Not available 

Not available

Not available


Students who are approved for deferred examination will be given necessary information on time after approval.

Approval may be for sitting during exam week at a later session or the Scheduled Deferred dates as above.

Please note: these are the final dates students can sit their exams and are subject to approval.

To apply you need to submit the Examination Application for Special Consideration (for a deferred examination) to the exam coordinator at the examinations office at StudentCentral@acap.edu.au

Please read all information in the document carefully before submitting the form to be sure that your circumstances qualify and please be sure you attach documented evidence.

Late examinations and penalties

The Assessment policy applies to students who miss or sit the exams outside the examination period – refer to Assessment policy

Exams are considered assessments, late exams and special considerations not approved may be subject to late assessment penalties if sat outside the scheduled exam date and time.

Assessment Late Submission Guidelines in the Assessment Policy and Procedure

Deferred exams past Week 14

Late Assessment penalties may apply past week 14 (approved deferred exam dates)  of each term without approved special considerations/extension to sit a deferred examination. Examination Application for Special Consideration - special Considerations assessed on case by case basis.

AccessAbility and provisions

If you require special exam provisions please register with AccessAbility.

Students who are registered with AccessAbility and who require special exam provisions must apply for special provisions with an AccessAbility Advisor by week 9 each Term.

Special consideration in Assessment

Examination Special Consideration aims to provide a fair and equitable system of assessment which takes into account factors that might impact adversely upon student performance.

Special Consideration may be granted in cases of illness, accident, bereavement, or other serious circumstance which has adversely affected a student’s studies. Approval is not automatic on lodgement of this form. Special Consideration in Assessment Form.

If you have further questions please contact Psychology@acap.edu.au