Remote and External exams

Information for students sitting exams externally

All examinations are held on the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide campus, but if you live in a different city or in a remote area, you may apply to sit your examinations at an external venue. 

To apply for this you must do the following:

  • find and contact a suitable venue, e.g. TAFE, university;  further examples are listed below  
  • find and contact a suitable exam supervisor who is willing to complete a statutory declaration form and provide identification (some venues will have supervisor’s available)
  • complete and return the attached form to apply to sit the exam externally.

Please be aware that approval is not automatic upon submitting the form; you must submit the form by week 9 of each Trimester to allow sufficient time for approval, or, if the arrangement proposed cannot be approved, for proposing an alternative arrangement.

Once you complete and return the attached form, the College will:

  • contact the venue and supervisor to check you have spoken to them and that they understand everything involved during the examination process
  • confirm the cost involved for the venue and supervisor.

Please be aware if you apply to sit your exam at an external venue you must sit the exam on the scheduled date and time which the College has set out.

Suitable venues in your local area include:

  • Tertiary institutions including universities, private higher education colleges and TAFE
  • Primary/Secondary schools
  • Hospitals
  • Police stations

Persons deemed suitable to supervise your exam in your local area include:

  • Certified practising accountants
  • Police officers
  • Teachers
  • School principals
  • Solicitors
  • University or TAFE exam officers
  • Physician

This person must:

  • not be a close friend or relative, or have a vested interest in your studies
  • be able to read and understand English
  • be available to supervise your exam on the set date, at the specified time
  • not leave you unsupervised during the exam.

once you have determined the above and located your external exam venue please complete and submit the Application to sit Examination at an External Venue

If you have any further enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar’s Office on