Letter of Completion


The Letter of Completion is a letter from the College that may be needed by an external organisation to confirm that a student has completed the requirements of their award and is eligible to graduate or has graduated.

A letter of completion is usually used to provide evidence

  • to another educational institution that admission requirements have been met or
  • to an employer that the student has been deemed by the College as having completed an award.

An application for a Letter of Completion needs to be assessed and confirmation and approval must be given by the Discipline, Finance, the Library and Learning and Teaching Committee before any letter can be issued to a student. Therefore, to allow for this approval process, a Letter of Completion cannot be issued until approximately 15 working days after the students final results have been released.

The following is an indication of the date after which letters will be available:

Study/Result Period Results Released Letter of Completion Available
Trimester 1  2019 Results 20/05/2019 10/06/2019
Late Results Finalised in June 7/06/2019 28/07/2019
Late Results Finalised in July 9/07/2019 30/07/2019
Late Results Finalised in August TBA TBA
Late Results Finalised in September TBA TBA
Trimester 2  2019 Results 09/09/2019 20/10/2019

To apply for a Letter of Completion please complete the application form and scan and email to statementsandgraduation@acap.edu.au