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Resume Writing and Cover Letters

Organisations expect you to have a professional resume and cover letter. Write your resume before you start your search. 

Use this Resume Sample as a model for your resume. This format is proven to be the most successful resume format for students as it emphasises your achievements in each of your roles rather than the tasks you did. Use this layout, font size and structure to give yourself the best possible chance of success.


Sample Resume Format

Cover Letter Sample

Video Presentation: ACAP Introduction to Resume Writing (from Counselling Placement Preparation Workshop)




Preparation for Student Placement


What is Sonia? How do I know when to get ready for placement? - 6 min

How do I get into Sonia? How do I get a placement or find information? - 5 min

Step by step - How placement works and what to do - 25 min

What is Supervision? The role of the Supervisor - 6 min 

How do I prepare for a Clinical Supervision Session? - 4 min

What can go wrong on placement? - 20 min







Ideas for Placement for BAppSocSci students.

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