Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling

Why are there changes?

As part of the regular process of reaccreditation of our courses by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC), all our courses have been revised to address the new accreditation standards released in 2019 and to respond to feedback from students about some of the things you would like to see.

What are the changes to my course?

We will be releasing more detailed information about this in Trimester 3, but some of the highlights include that some of the core psychology content has been moved into MULT1015 Applications in Context, MULT1025 Professions and Society MULT1035 Sustainability and Helping Professionals. These units will now be included in the core structure along with two Level 100 units and four units at both Level 200 and 300.

What do I need to do?

If you will complete your studies by the end of the year, there is nothing you need to do! If you will still have units to complete in 2021 or beyond, it would be helpful to review your Trimester 3 enrolments so that you are in the best position when the course transitions. There is more about this in the section below.

Are there things I should think about in planning my enrolments in Trimester 3?

We are currently reviewing everyone’s enrolments this trimester and planned enrolments for Trimester 3 to ensure that this transition will go smoothly for you. If we notice anything about your plans that we think you should consider changing, we will be in touch, however the following general information applies:

If you have not yet completed all of the core units in the psychology sequence at a particular level and could do so in trimester three, then we would advise that you do so.

For example, Abdul has completed PSYC1012 Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 1 and is enrolled in PSYC1022 Introduction to Psychology: The Individual, Society and Culture. These are both Level 100 units and there is one remaining Level 100 unit that he has yet to complete, PSYC1032 Introduction to Psychology: Biology, Learning and Cognition. We would recommend prioritising enrolling in PSYC1032 Introduction to Psychology: Biology, Learning and Cognition.

If you are currently doing Level 300 units and you haven’t already completed PSYC3042 Intercultural Diversity and Indigenous Psychology or PSYC3052 Professional Issues and Applications in Psychology, we would recommend that you enrol in those units in Trimester 3 as they will be retired with no equivalent unit in the revised course.

For example, Mariam has completed PSYC3012 Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach 3 and is planning to take three Level 300 units in Trimester 3. We would recommend that she prioritises enrolling in PSYC3042 Intercultural Diversity and Indigenous Psychology and PSYC3052 Professional Issues and Applications in Psychology along with any other unit she would prefer to take.

When will I know more?

We will be releasing further information about the programs, including a study planner for 2021 and beyond and a transition planning tool that will help you identify what units you will need to complete in the revised program to complete your studies, around census in Trimester 3. Check back for updates on your course here.

I have a question. Who can I ask?

We have organised a dedicated email address for any questions you may have. Please email us at and one of the team will respond as soon as possible.