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Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)

Key changes:

Just in time delivery of training in research skills to support the stage of your research project using paired applied research methods and research project units

A choice of two elective units focused on areas of applied psychology1, including:

  • PSYC4182 Applications of Psychology: Clinical psychology
  • PSYC4202 Applications of Psychology: Forensic psychology
  • PSYC4212 Applications of Psychology: Applied research

How do I find out more?

Recommended enrolment patterns for the Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) are available here.

Core units are offered each trimester, and further information about availability of elective units can be found in the planning advice here

What should I enrol in for Trimester 1, 2021?

We will be providing individualized advice to students via email. If you have questions, please contact