International Students

Welcome to the Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP). International students form a valuable part of the ACAP student body bringing diversity, experience and enthusiasm to each campus.

Living and studying in a different country is both exciting and challenging. Our Student Services team aim to make this transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

If you are a Student Visa holder who is studying at ACAP, there are some additional rules and responsibilities covered by the ESOS Framework that you must abide by during your studies.

As a holder of a Student Visa, you are covered by the Education Services of Overseas Students (ESOS) legislative framework and must abide by some additional rules and responsibilities as a condition of your enrolment at ACAP. Some of your responsibilities are highlighted below:


International Student Orientation sessions are held during orientation week at the Sydney and Melbourne campuses. The Sydney session is recorded and made available to all international students.

Change of address updating (Visa requirement)

International students are required to notify the College within 7 days of any change of address as a condition of their student visa.

Your address can be updated on the Student Portal under my personal details section on the left hand side.

When advising of your change of address please ensure you have provide us with your current address, and current phone contact details and personal email address.
Please also ensure that you promptly respond to any email from the College asking you to confirm your contact details.

Failure to keep the College informed of your current contact details may result in your visa cancellation.


Course Enrolment

You must ensure that you re-enrol for each term before the re-enrolment cut-off date. International students are advised that deferring, suspending or cancelling (withdrawing) their enrolment may affect their student visa. You must apply to defer, suspend or withdraw by submitting the appropriate form found in the International Students section of the A-Z Forms page.

You must be enrolled full-time, continuously from term to term in each compulsory study period to maintain your course progression and complete your course within the duration of your Confirmation of Enrolment.

The compulsory study periods at ACAP are Term 1, Term 2 and Term 3. Summer School is not a compulsory study period, so you are not required to enrol in this period if you do not wish to.

As a condition of your Student Visa, you are only permitted a maximum of 25% of your entire course off campus (Online), provided that you are enrolled On Campus in at least one unit in each compulsory study period.

Course Progression

You are considered to have made satisfactory course progression if you have passed at least 50% of your units in a standard full year of academic study of three study periods. You are considered to be at risk of not making satisfactory course progression if you do not pass more than 50% of the units attempted in two consecutive study periods. If you are identified as being at risk you will be required to enter into a learning contract with ACAP as is specified in the College’s academic intervention strategy.

If you feel that you are having difficulties with any of your coursework, the College strongly advises you to contact Student Services for assistance as soon as possible.

Please note that if you do not meet satisfactory performance standards after entering into a learning contract your progression may be reported to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and your Student Visa may be impacted. For more information see the Course Progression Policy for International Students


All fees must be paid upfront before the re-enrolment cut-off date for each term. When you re-enrol through the student portal an invoice will be generated for you. Please allow adequate time for any overseas payments to be processed before the re-enrolment cut-off date.


An International student may apply to defer or suspend enrolment in their course. Students who wish to defer or suspend their studies must complete and lodge the International Student Application for Deferral of Studies. International students are advised that deferring or suspending their enrolment may affect their student visa.

The college will only consider the application to defer the enrolment of an international student on the grounds of compassionate or compelling circumstances. It is a condition of your Student Visa that you are not permitted to defer your enrolment unless you are able to provide documentation which supports your application for compassionate or compelling circumstances. If you feel you have experienced these special circumstances please contact Student Administration to discuss your situation.

It is also recommended that you contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Complaints or appeals

If you have a complaint about an aspect of your studies or should you wish to appeal a decision made by the college you are encouraged to talk to the staff member first to try to resolve your issue. If you are unable to resolve your issue and would like to escalate the matter please refer to either the Academic or Non-academic Grievances, Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure found on the policies page of the website.


When you have completed your course you will need to apply to graduate by completing an Application to Graduate. There are two graduation sessions each year; one in May, and one in November. For more information on ACAP’s graduation please visit the Graduation information page.

International Student Key Contacts

It is important to contact ACAP as soon as possible if you have any questions or concerns about your study.

Prospective Students

If you are considering enrolling at ACAP you will need to contact our central Admissions Office.

Tel:  1800 061 199

Current Students

If you are currently studying at ACAP, please contact the International Student Officer at your local campus.

International Student Admissions Coordinator (National)

Renata Tereshchenko

Tel:  02 8236 8098

Brisbane International Coordinator

Renata Tereshchenko

Tel:  02 8236 8098

Melbourne International Student Contact Coordinator 

Stephanie Korilis

Tel:  03 8613 0603



If you need to discuss your individual study plan, please contact your Programs Coordinator at your local campus.


Undergraduate Programs Coordinator  - Tel: 02 9964 6313 | Email:

Postgraduate Programs Coordinator - Tel: 02 9964 6356 | Email:


Manager Academic Programs/Course Coordinator - Tel: 07 3234 4406 | Email:


Manager Academic Programs Delivery - Tel: 03 8613 0607 | Email:


Please contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for any enquires you have about your Student Visa.

Tel: 13 18 81