Notice 19/12:

There will be an outage that will occur on the 27th December 2017 between 8 am - 12 midday, for minor Moodle upgrade and maintenance.

The following systems will be affected:

The Student Portal will be otherwise be unaffected and will be available as normal.

For any technical issues, IT Helpdesk will be available on the 27th, 28th and 29th of December 9am-5pm.

Phone: (02) 9964 6322



Summer School, 2018

On Campus, Sydney and Melbourne.

Discipline of Counselling only. Please see link below for more information:

Teaching Dates

On Campus: Wednesday 3rd January - Tuesday 9th January, 2018. 9am-5pm.

Online: Monday 8th January - Friday 2nd February, 2010.

Enrolment Dates:

On Campus and Online OPENS: Monday 9th October, 2017.

On Campus and Online CLOSES: Friday 15th December, 2017.

Census Date:

On Campus: Monday, 8th January, 2018.

Online: Thursday, 14th January, 2018.

Term 1, 2018

Please see link below for more information:

Teaching Dates

Monday 5th February - Friday 4th May, 2018.

Enrolment Dates:

New Students OPENS: Monday 9th October, 2017.

Re-enrolling Students OPENS: Monday 6th November, 2017.

New Students CLOSES (VET): 10am Thursday 15th February, 2018.

New Students CLOSES (HIGHER EDUCATION): 10am Friday 16th February, 2018. 

Re-enrolling Students CLOSES: Sunday 4th February, 2018.

Census Date:

All Students: Friday 23rd February, 2018.

Enrolment Assistance

How do I enrol?

All re-enrolling students can enrol via the 'Enrolment' button in the student portal. See the link below for further assistance.
How to Enrol Online - A Guide.

Please note that not all subjects are offered every term, so it is important to plan your studies well. See the link below for further assistance. 
Term Timetable 

Planning your Studies

School of Counselling

Consult the timetables and the yearly planners plan your course.

Some School of Counselling courses require a Police Check as a course progression requirement before enrolling for a second term of study. Check your student portal for details.

School of Psychological Sciences

There is a four step process recommended by the School of Psychological Sciences. This will assist you in completing your course within your planned time frame. You can find that here.

School of Social Work

On this page you will find information on your on-campus weekend units and Field Education units.

School of VET

Blended Delivery workshop dates with the School of VET are available here.


If you need any other information regarding enrolling, please contact or call us on 1800 061 199.

Post-Census Withdrawal

The census date is the last day you can finalise your enrolment without academic or financial penalty.

If you are looking at withdrawing from (dropping) a unit or subject after the census date there is some important information you should know.

Re-Enrolling at a later date

You will be able to re-enrol into these units or subjects in a later term via the Student Portal. Please see the academic calendar for information on re-enrolment and census dates for the year. This can be viewed at:

Academic and Financial Status

Students who withdraw from a unit or subject after the approved census date will be liable for the full tuition fees and awarded:

Higher Education

Vocational Education and Training

Class Space Access

Once your withdrawal has been processed you will no longer have access to the class space for those units or subjects.

Please note: When access to the class space is withdrawn submitted assignments or other marked work may be lost. It is your responsibility to retain a copy of any assignments or work submitted prior to your withdrawal.

Special Circumstances

If you have experienced special circumstances beyond your control and wish to apply for exemption of your tuition fees, you can fill out and return the following form:

Still want to withdraw?

Once the census date has passed, in order to withdraw from your course, you will need to complete an online Post-Census Withdrawal Form. This can be accessed at the below link:

Need Help with IT?

There are a lot of How To guides available to help you negotiate studying online:

Or you can contact: