Success Advisors

ACAP has Student Success Advisors who coach, motivate and inspire students to complete their studies and encourage them to become independent learners over the course of their qualification. You might get a call or email from your local Success Advisor from time to time, particularly if you’ve missed some classes or an assessment due date. Our Success Advisors are also a great point of contact for students and if they can’t help you, they know who can!

Success Advisors can help you with:

-           Settling in to study

-           Support for late enrolling students

-           Support for students across all disciplines and all courses

-           Referrals to other ACAP support services as needed

-           Support for International students

-           Student Success Plans

Success Advisors also run a wide range of workshops and drop-in sessions throughout each term to help students with things like re-enrolment, assignment planning, study sessions and campus social events.

We encourage students to email, phone or visit in person to ask questions related to their studies. Below are the Success Advisors for each campus.

Sydney Campus
Damian Thompson
Elisa McLeod

Melbourne Campus
Em Atnerkar
Hannah Bissett

Brisbane Campus 
Min Zha

Adelaide Campus
Dylan Przedworski

Perth Campus 
Erin Pearson 

You can reach out via email to, with the email subject line 'Success Advisor query for Name at Campus', e.g. to contact Elisa you would write 'Success Advisor query for Elisa in Sydney'. Alternatively you can dial 1800 061 199 and ask to be put through to your local Success Advisor.