VET Student Success Program

Your helping hand for confident learning

The ACAP VET Student Success Program pairs Diploma students with Success Advisers at no charge, to ensure confident study planning and effective progress during the course.

Your Success Adviser understands the course curriculum and its learning milestones. Regular contact is scheduled at six key stages during the Diploma program – for each of your enrolled subjects - to provide assistance when it is most helpful.


Six stages of personal study assistance

Your Success Adviser will work with you from enrolment through to graduation. The following stages of mentoring are repeated during each trimester.

Stage 1: Introductions

During Week 1 your adviser will make introductions and overview your classes and timetable. This is the time to ask questions about logging in; find out your teachers’ names, and explore how to access your learning material. This contact is to set you up for a confident and well-organised start to study. Use the introduction session to ask all your early questions so you’re well-prepared for your early classes.

Stage 2: Study ‘Health Check’

Prior to Week 3 and before the census date (the deadline for changing your study program without penalty), your adviser will make contact to see how you’re progressing with your study load. They will run through a checklist with you to determine if you need to alter your study program.

Stage 3: Assessment Support #1

Finalising your first assessments will be your focus during Weeks 4 and 5. Your adviser will be in touch again here to check on your progress and answer any questions you may have about meeting assessment requirements. If you are having difficulty with preparation or research, you will be directed to the right place or person for assistance.

Stage 4: Halfway Point

Midway through the trimester is your well-earned break from studies and good timing for reflection on progress and goals. Is there room for improvement? What has worked for you? What hasn’t? Your adviser will check-in during this quieter time to discuss any issues of concern – or cause for congratulations. If you’re working on an assessment now, this is the ideal time to focus on making your work stand out.

Stage 5: Assessment Support #2

Your second assessment is usually due after the mid-term break in Weeks 7, 8 or 9. Your adviser will make contact when classes resume to discuss how your preparation is going, and to direct any questions you have to the right place for assistance while there’s time to trouble-shoot any concerns.

Stage 6: Results Round-up

At Week 11 you will be finalising all work for your subject and looking forward to next trimester’s study program. Your adviser will contact you this week to answer any questions and assist you with managing or changing your new schedule.


Getting started

Nothing is required of you to begin this free service. Initially you will be contacted by your allocated Success Adviser through your student email. All you need to consider is your preferred method of ongoing contact – which may be via your personal email address, or another platform. You will also be given a schedule of your adviser’s availability.