Have a look at the FAQ's below. If you have further Questions email ACAP's Student Learning Support team on smarthinking@acap.edu.au



How many draft assignments can I submit?

 You can submit upto 5 assignments for the term. You are encouraged to apply the general feedback to subsequent assignment tasks.

Can I submit assignments that are not 'Essays'

Yes, the service is suited to all written assignments of a long nature. These do not need to be essays. For example case studies, long answer questions, and reports are also suitable.

What do the different 'topic areas' mean?

Content development:

  • whether you have provided logical arguments pertinent to the question
  • whether each main point is supported by evidence or explained fully
  • whether your argument moves from one point to another logically
  • whether each of the paragraphs clearly pertains to developing the main argument


  • whether your introductory paragraph sets out the framework for the writing piece
  • whether the introduction defines concepts or the way you will interpret certain concepts or definitions in the writing piece
  • whether your introduction provides any necessary background to the topic
  • whether the conclusion consolidates the main argument without being just a summary of the main points stated

Main idea/thesis

  • whether your overall argument is clear
  • whether your overall argument is relevant to the question is the thesis statement for the assignment explained clearly

Grammar & Mechanics

  • whether aspects of your grammar require attention eg. the use of tenses, the use of main and subordinate clauses etc.
  • whether you have used punctuation appropriately

Word choice

  • whether you have used vocabulary and terms appropriately


  • whether the main points are organised in a logical sequence
  • whether the paragraphs are sequenced appropriately

Use of resources

  • whether the quotations or paraphrases you use are relevant
  • whether you have been able to use resources appropriately without inadvertently plagiarising work
  • whether you use the referencing system appropriately


  • whether you use transition words/terms (eg. however, moreover, nonetheless, in spite of etc.) appropriately to connect ideas
  • Sentence structure
  • whether each sentence is complete and logical rather than fragmented