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ACAP Student Exchange Abroad (Outbound)

At ACAP, we value expanding the educational horizons of students through our International student Exchange Program (ISEP), the ACAP Student Exchange Abroad program. Student exchange can be a rewarding and memorable life experience, providing you with the opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in a different cultural context. It also gives you an international perspective on your course and career, allowing you to develop a global network of friends and contacts.

Expand Your Horizons With ACAP

What is the Student Exchange Abroad (Outbound) program?

The Outbound student exchange program is for ACAP students seeking to undertake study overseas for a part of their course. Eligible students study part of their course with an ACAP partner institution and then have these studies recognised as credit towards their ACAP course. 

Student Exchange Scholarships

ACAP provides a limited number of Australian Government International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) scholarships for award to outbound ACAP exchange students. Scholarships are designed to offset some of the cost involved in student exchange and are provided at the rate of up to $5,000.00. More information can be found in our ISEP Scholarships guide.  

What next?

For ACAP students considering applying to participate in the ACAP Student Exchange Abroad (Outbound) program, this Information guide contains everything you need to know before you apply. Also take a look at our list of partner institutions and the ACAP Student Exchange Abroad (Outbound) application form

Still have questions?

Need more information on the ACAP Student Exchange Abroad program?  Contact our international student office.

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Email international@acap.edu.au