ACAP Bachelor Explorer demystifies Degree study for Diploma students

Posted by on 3 March 2016

ACAP’s Student Learning Support team has launched a free webinar series designed to bust the myths and alleviate students’ concerns about the transition from Diploma to Degree study.

Via a packaged collection of 50 short videos presented by ACAP teachers, senior staff, alumni and current students, the Bachelor Explorer viewers are led through game-like modules to learn about life as an undergraduate student.

“Vocational training stands alone in providing work-readiness for specialised entry-level jobs in community services, but a Diploma can also be step one on a degree pathway to more senior roles in the sector, including eligibility for registration as practitioners in counselling or psychotherapy,” said Catherine Tracey, Head of VET NPI.

Diploma students are automatically ‘enrolled’ to the Bachelor Explorer after completing six units, with the level of immersion in the program and the topics covered at the discretion of the individual. The self-paced tutorial-style module is a one-stop-shop of detailed information and advice, with no reading involved.

“We created the Bachelor Explorer in response to Diploma students’ curiosity about the challenges of taking on a Degree, which typically surfaces during the second half of their studies,” said Ellen Cooper, Head of Student Learning Support, NPI.  

Along with convenient access on mobile devices, the ability to simply graze the 10 hours or so of total content according to personal interest and career goals is expected to be an attractive feature for Bachelor Explorer participants.

Overall, the videos combine the practical expectations and authority of ACAP’s teachers with the perspectives of students and alumni who have experienced first-hand the transition from VET to Degree study, and the higher courses’ demands,” said Dr Scott Dickson, Dean Academic NPI.  

“Even our Diploma students who set out intending to maintain their study momentum straight into a Bachelor Degree can become apprehensive about the differences in coursework and assessment styles. The Bachelor Explorer aims to answer all questions about the transition, from the expert perspective of course teachers and by providing the candid viewpoints of peers.”

Most Bachelor Explorer videos focus on specific topics, such as course structure, work placement, employment opportunities by industry sector and assessment styles, with others taking an overview approach to the benefits of undergraduate study.

Watch the trailer for a sample of Bachelor Explorer content. For information about courses and study pathways, visit the ACAP website.