ACAP Student Stories

At ACAP, we’re lucky enough to have a diverse student community populated by people with a wide variety of backgrounds, and who come to us with a range of study goals.

The result? Some rather fascinating stories around study journeys and careers.

Our student stories not only make for interesting reading, they can also help inspire and motivate you on your own journey, and give you an authentic voice as to the ACAP experience.

If you’re not a current student, they’ll help you understand what studying with us would look like and what you could achieve. And if you are studying with us at the moment, you can get some ideas that direct your next steps into a career you love.

Here’s a snapshot from some of the people you can hear from:

Tammy enrolled in our graduate diploma Psychology after hearing what a great experience her friend had had with ACAP. The flexibility of online learning was also an appeal, and because of the small classes, she says still felt very much a part of the family even studying online. Tammy is of Aboriginal heritage and was raised in an aboriginal community, so she’s delighted to now be working with ‘mob’ as a provisional psychologist at Danila Dilba Health Services. You can read more about Tammy’s story here.

Lisa says her studies with us allowed her to pivot her career. She came to us as an executive assistant in construction looking for a flexible pathway to counselling that fitted in with the rest of her busy life. She was impressed at the quality of our lecturers and how they shared their passions, giving her an opportunity to learn about world leaders and shapers in the industry. Lisa now divides her time between positions in not-for-profit and private practice. She also sits on two boards related to women’s mental health. You can read more about Lisa here.

Aimee came to us as a mature student looking for a second career as a psychologist. She now works as co-Director in a private practice and has developed a deep interest in ASD and ADHD in children, adolescents, and in adults. She’s also a neurofeedback specialist. You can read more about Aimee’s journey, including her advice to students here.

We love hearing what our students think of their experience with us, as well as what they get up to when they graduate. Many of them stay in contact and reach out to our lecturers when they need career support or have exciting news to share. We think this is testament to the caring community culture we foster across the College.

There are dozens of stories on the student testimonials page on our website and we encourage you to take a look and get inspired! And if you’d like to share your story with others, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.

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