Tips for mastering your time management

Tips for mastering your time management

Do you envy those people who manage to serenely get so much done in their day and still find time to relax? If you’d like to be a balanced production powerhouse, follow these steps to squeeze the most out of every moment and rest easy at night, knowing it’s all under control.



For each week, break your time down into more daily detail. Schedule work time, breaks, exercise and socialising. Include small goals and reward yourself when you reach them. You can do his on paper or with an app.


Look at everything you have to do and put it in order. Then, decide how you’ll tackle your tasks. Some people prefer to get the more minor things out of the way first; others like to break the back of large jobs. Go with whichever technique works best for you.


Giving one job all of your focus will mean you get it done faster. Doubling up will just make you feel overwhelmed. Remember, you’ve scheduled time for every task so that every job will get done.


If you go off track by getting distracted or procrastinating, it’s not the end of the world. Instead, take a breath, have a walk to clear your head, then shuffle your schedule around and refocus. You got this!


We want our students to have a balanced life whilst pursuing their education and to feel confident that they can start their dream course at any stage of life. If you have a passion for human behaviour and making a positive difference in society – you’re already on your


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