AccessAbility Enquiry Form

Enquiry Process for the AccessAbility Service

  1. Fill out and submit this Online Enquiry Form.
  2. We will respond to your enquiry within 3 working days.
  3. The AccessAbility Advisor will contact you to discuss eligibility and, if appropriate, will discuss reasonable adjustments for your individual situation.
  4. If eligible, you will be sent forms to register with the Service. This will include providing relevant information from your Health Professional.
  5. Once your medical condition verified, reasonable adjustments will be organised. This may not be immediate as it depends on the nature of the adjustment.
Is this your first time registering with the AccessAbility Service?
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Permission to obtain or release confidential information.

On occasion, it may be necessary for staff from the AccessAbility Service to obtain or provide information to other service providers, either within or external to ACAP. By submitting this online form, students consent to this sharing of information. Students can withdraw their consent at any time, by notifying the AccessAbility Service in writing.

I give my consent for staff from the ACAP AccessAbility Service, to obtain or release information in relation to my adjustments during my program of study from/to:

  • Personnel within ACAP
  • External service providers including GP’s, Specialists, Allied Health Professionals or other educational institutions.
  • Lecturers/tutors/academic teachers

Please email if you do not wish your specific health / learning/ carer / disability issues, just your adjustments, to be to be shared with your educators.

Registering with the AccessAbility Service - Changes To Your Status

  • I understand that if my need for adjustments changes, I need to inform the AccessAbility Service immediately.
  • I understand that I will have to re-register with AccessAbility if I withdraw, defer or have been absent for more than 12 months.

By clicking the Submit button you acknowledge that you have read and accept the terms of this Declaration and Privacy Policy.