Dr Chiara De Lazzari


Chiara completed a PhD in Social Sciences at Swinburne University of Technology. Before joining ACAP, she worked as Lecturer and Teaching Associate at the University of Melbourne, Monash University and Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne.

She joined ACAP in 2017 and she teaches in the area of Cultural Diversity and Indigenous Studies.

Research Interests

Chiara’s areas of interest include migration studies, multiculturalism and cultural diversity, citizenship and belonging and minority groups.

Teaching Interests

  • Course Coordinator for the Bachelor of Police and Justice degree
  • Unit Convenor and Lecturer of SOSC1004 Cultural Diversity
  • Unit Convenor and Lecturer of SOSC2004 Indigenous Peoples and Justice
  • Unit Convenor and Lecturer of JALE1004 Academic Enhancement

Expert Comment Topics

  • Migration and Diversity
  • Multiculturalism and Minority groups
  • Citizenship rights of Diaspora

Journal Articles Published

  • Mascitelli, B & De Lazzari, C 2016, ‘Interculturalism, multiculturalism and Italianness: The case of Italy’, Australian and New Zealand Journal of European Studies, vol 8, no 2, pp. 49 – 63.
  • De Lazzari, C 2016, ‘Assimilation through the language: English classes for “new Australians”’, Gentes - Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, vol 3, no 1, pp. 33-41.

Books and Book Chapters Published

  • De Lazzari, C 2019, Transnational Politics, Citizenship and Elections. The Political Engagement of Transnational Communities in National Elections, Routledge, Abingdon, UK.
  • De Lazzari, C 2018, ‘Profili e destinazioni delle nuovi emigranti italiani’, in B. Mascitelli and R. Armillei (eds) Nuove Emigrazioni Italiane: Paradiso o Illusione, Perugia Stranieri University Press.
  • De Lazzari, C 2017, ‘New Italian Emigration Globally: Who They are Where They Go’, in R. Armillei and B. Mascitelli (eds) Australia’s new wave of Italian migration: Paradise or Illusion, Australian Scholars Publishing, Melbourne, pp. 21-33.

Conference Presentations

  • De Lazzari, C ‘Party Politics and The Engagement of Emigrants: The Case of Italy’ IPSA 25th World Congress of Political Science, 21-25 July 2018
  • De Lazzari, C ‘Political engagement of new Italian diaspora. A comparative analysis between the previous and current emigration waves’, Living Transcultural Spaces – Melbourne: 5-7 April 2018
  • De Lazzari, C, When do rights become privileges? The acquisition of citizenship rights for Italian descendants, Place, Politics, Privilege Conference, Melbourne, 16-17 February 2017.
  • De Lazzari, C, The Italian Diaspora and the double standards of political engagement. Permanent migration vs temporary migration, International Conference on "Global Migration: Rethinking Skills, Knowledge and Culture", New Delhi, 27-28 November 2016
  • De Lazzari, C, Expatriate Voting: Emigrant Political Engagement or Domestic Political Agenda?The Case of Italy, Electoral Regulation Research Network, Sydney, 1-2 November 2015.
  • De Lazzari, C & Mascitelli, B Italian expatriate voting, Australia and democratic processes, APSA,Annual Conference, Sydney, 30 October 2015.
  • De Lazzari, C, Bonegilla and The Adult Migrant English Program, CESAA "The European Diaspora in Australia Workshop", Melbourne, 15 September 2015.
  • De Lazzari, C, Italian policy makers in the aftermath of the 2001 Italian expatriate vote law, EUSAAP Annual Conference, Melbourne, 1 May 2014.

Media Publications and Interviews

Professional Affiliations and Fellowships

  • Contemporary European Studies Association of Australia (CESAA)
  • Australian Institute of International Affairs (AIIA)
  • Australian Political Studies Association (APSA)