Dr Jacqueline Baulch


Jacqueline is a lecturer within the Discipline of Counselling. She is a registered Clinical Psychologist who works part-time in private practice.

After completing a Doctor of Clinical Psychology at Swinburne University, Jacqueline undertook a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in an eating disorders day program in Canada. Jacqueline has worked in private, community and hospital settings as a group and individual therapist. She works with a range of issues including depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, relationship issues, grief and loss, and adjustment. Jacqueline is trained in CBT, mindfulness, acceptance and commitment therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy. 

Jacqueline has also worked in research at The National eTherapy Centre. Within this role, she developed content for online treatment programs for depression, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and managed a randomised-controlled trial of Bulimia Online.

Research & Scholarships

Journal Articles

  • Baulch, J., Klein, B., Austin, D., & Abbott, J. (2014). Bulimia Online: A Randomised Controlled Trial Investigating the Effectiveness of an Online Automated Self-Help and Therapist-Assisted Treatment Program for Bulimia Nervosa. Manuscript in preparation.
  • Baulch, J., & Urquhart, D.(2013). Psychology in Adventure Sports – Adventures of the Mind. Outer Edge Magazine.
  • Baulch, J., Chester, A., & Brennan, L.  (2010). Adolescent and parent content preferences and predictors of intention to use an online healthy weight website for adolescents. Electronic Journal of Applied Psychology, 6, 19-27.
  • Baulch, J., Chester, A., & Brennan, L. (2008). Treatment alternatives for overweight and obesity: The role of online interventions. Behaviour Change, 25, 1-14.

Conference Presentations

  • Baulch, J., & Klein, B. (2011). A randomised controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of Bulimia Online. Poster presented at the Australian Association for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy National Conference, Sydney, Australia.
  • Klein, B., Austin, D., Kyrios, M., Abbott, J., Meyer, D., Smith, A., Dolelan, P., Nguyen, D., Ciechomski, L., Mitchell, J., Lauder, S., Moulding, R., Nedeljkovic, M., Shandley, K., Shields, D., Baulch, J., & Williamson, B.  An international assessment, self-help and therapist-assisted e-mental health service: The first two years…Presented at the 4th St Vincent’s Mental Health ‘The Anxiety Spectrum – Current Understandings, Novel Treatments’ Conference. November, 2011, Melbourne.