Professor Mike Innes


Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Adelaide Professor and Head of School of Psychology and Sociology, James Cook University Professor and Dean of Psychology, Murdoch University Executive Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Adelaide


Social psychology of social influence and group dynamics; the history, philosophy and sociology of psychology; psychological measurement; expertise and the growth of professional experience.


Social psychology, psychological measurement and assessment, Professional issues in psychology, Contemporary social issues, Experimental design and methodology

Research & Scholarships

Conference Presentations

  • Utility of a brief selection device into an accredited program in the private HEP sector: Evidence of reliability and predictive validity. Annual Conference of the Australian Psychological Society, Cairns, 2013.
  • Aesthetics of theory and practice in science: A case study from experimental social psychology. Annual Conference of the Australian Psychological Society, Gold Coast, 2015.
  • The social psychologist as a community engagement agent: Two case studies. UCEC 2015, Gold Coast, 2015.

Research Supervision

  • Emily Holswich. Morality and attractiveness as factors in judgments of personality
  • Trine Struer-Tranberg. Assimilation and accommodation of migrants and the attitudes of the majority host.
  • Sarah Hindle. Attachment style of parents and adoption of involved parenting style
  • Amanda Kassis. Attributions of responsibility and judgment of injection adoption of steroids and the concept of essentialism.

Professional Accreditation

  • Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society
  • Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia
  • Fellow of the British Psychological Society
  • Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science
  • Fellow of the Society of Experimental social Psychology