Research Funding Framework

Research produced by ACAP staff and students is a cornerstone of who we are. 

The College supports research and scholarship excellence among students and research active academic staff with a number of strategies. The key areas of focus are:

  • Research grants and contracts
  • Management of student research activities
  • Research development services

To deliver definable outcomes such as:

  • High quality publications
  • Continual improvement in competitive research funding schemes
  • High impact contract research
The ACAP Research Funding Support Framework has been put in place to support the research activities of research active staff (defined in the Research Policy) and students undertaking research projects as part of their studies. The Framework currently includes the following provisions for research active staff:
  • Commencement Support: This is available to provide support for the purchase of software or equipment required for the conduct of research for newly appointed research active staff.
  • Small Research Grants Scheme: This is available to provide support for the conduct of research by research active staff.
  • Conference Travel Grant: This is available to support attendance at national or international conferences related to research activity of research active staff.
  • Publication Support: This is available to provide financial assistance to publish in open access journals.
Students enrolled in Honours and Masters courses undertaking research projects representing at least 25% of the content of the program are eligible to apply for funding to support the conduct of their research: 2 of 8

  • Research Grants Scheme: This provides an allowance for students completing research projects of $400 for Honours program and $500 for Masters program students. This is currently only applicable to the BPsychSc(H) and MPsych(Clin) programs and applications are managed by the Discipline.
  • Dissemination Grants: This provides a grant of up to $500 per students towards the cost of disseminating the findings of their research projects either through conference presentations or publications.

Applications are submitted using the Research Funding Support Application Form which can be downloaded here. Information about the eligibility criteria and required supporting documents are provided below.

If are you within the ACAP community and wish to undertake relevant research, please click here or contact should you have questions. The Research Funding Application Form can also be accessed by clicking here. Completed forms can be submitted to

Small Research Grants (SRG) Scheme 

The ACAP Small Research Grants (SRG) scheme is available to permanent ACAP staff. The grants aim to enhance and develop a culture of research within ACAP by providing:

  • seed funding for projects for recently appointed staff;
  • start-up funding for staff who have previously not been active in research or who are at an early stage in their research career;
  • funding for small projects that are expected to form the basis of application(s) for external funding support;
  • funding for research that will result in the submission of a manuscript or manuscripts for publication;
  • funding to support cross-discipline collaborative research and research involving collaborations with community partners.

The maximum total amount of funding available in the 2019 round is $50,000, and the maximum amount that can be requested for any individual research project is $10,000. Funding may be used for a range of purposes including, but not restricted to, purchase of software and equipment, research assistance, consumables, and participant incentives / reimbursement. The grants cannot be used to support the research undertaken by staff as part of enrolment in courses, either at ACAP or another higher education provider. In addition, it cannot be used to support the preparation of publications based on previously conducted research.

SRG Criteria

Grants are awarded based on merit. Applications are evaluated on the basis of:

  • Justification of the project in terms of previous literature and appropriate research methodology with aims and objectives achievable in the time frame available (Research Merit);
  • Demonstrated need for funding to conduct the research (Funding Need);
  • Identification of research outputs that are consistent with the aims of the scheme (Project Coherence)

SRG Conditions

ACAP SRGs are awarded for a maximum period of two years with grant rounds open each year. Funding of any project requiring human research participation is contingent on approval from an NHMRC registered Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC).

SRG Applications

Applications for the 2019 ACAP SRG Scheme have now closed. Please direct your questions to the Chair, Research and Scholarship Committee at

Download the Guidelines for Applicants and the Application Form.