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Associate Professor Goetz Ottmann

Social Work


Since joining ACAP in 2016, Goetz has taught a range of units both in the Bachelor and Master of Social Work and is currently coordinating the Bachelor program. He was previously an Associate Professor at Deakin University where he led a research program focused on community aged and disability care.

Goetz completed an undergraduate degree in Development Studies at La Trobe University in Melbourne before embarking on a Ph.D. at the Australian National University in Canberra. He successfully completed his Ph.D. thesis in 1998. His thesis focused on the fate of social movements in post-authoritarian Brazil was published by Pittsburgh University Press. Subsequently, he secured a Rockefeller Award for the Humanities tied to a post-doctoral fellowship at New York University focusing on cultural incentive policies and a post-doctoral fellowship at La Trobe University comparing participatory democracy in three Brazilian municipalities.

In 2006, he accepted a Research Fellow position at Austin Health/La Trobe in Melbourne focusing on the psycho-social needs of patients with serious illnesses and end of life care issues. Between 2007 and 2015, he was the lead researcher of a Deakin University based research program focusing on aged and disability care in the community.


Goetz has a wide range of research interests but is particularly interested in systemic processes that transfer decisional authority regarding social or health services to the people that actually receive them. Furthermore, he is interested in holistic, inter-disciplinary models of service provision that transform service-focused care into people/family-focused supports. He is passionate about supporting students in their endeavours to complete their research project 


Goetz has taught a range of units including

  • Ageing and Aged Care Services
  • Government, Policy and Civil Society
  • Research Methods
  • Research Project

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Book Chapters

  • Ottmann, G. Chapter 4: Systems of Health Care Delivery. Tabbner’s Nursing Care: Theory & Practice 7th edition. G. Koutoukidis, J. Hughson and K. Stainton. Melbourne, Elsevier Australia. 2016.
  • Ottmann, G. Chapter 4: Systems of Health Care Delivery. Tabbner’s Nursing Care: Theory & Practice 6th edition. G. Koutoukidis, J. Hughson and K. Stainton. Melbourne, Elsevier Australia. 2012.

Research Grants

2017:  City of Sydney/City West Housing; $8,545
2015:  VALID, Victorian Office of the Public Advocate (led by Assoc. Prof. Erin Wilson, Deakin University); $59,000
2014:  Deakin University, QPS Seed Funding; $22,000
2014:  COTA Australia; $10,000
2013:  Deakin University, QPS Seed Funding; $50,000
           State Trustees, Victoria; $10,000 
2012:  State Trustees, Victoria; $10,000
           National Disability Insurance Scheme; $139,000
           Commonwealth Department of Social Services; $500,000          
2011:  Deakin University, QPS Bridging Grant; $10,000