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Dr Craig Ellis



Dr Craig Ellis has over 20 years’ higher education industry experience with the last 10 in senior management and executive roles, including the positions of Associate Dean (Academic) and Acting Executive Dean, as well as Non-executive Director of Western Sydney University Enterprises (formerly UWS College). Prior to his appointment as Dean at the Australian College of Applied Psychology, Craig was Dean at Asia Pacific International College. Craig additionally holds the position of Adjunct Professor at Western Sydney University.

Outside of his professed expertise in Finance, Craig is expert in teaching and learning, quality assurance and enhancement in higher education, with a specific emphasis on tracking and analysing student progression and performance in higher education, and developing strategies in response to identified issues. He also led the development of university strategy in the TAFE/VET arena, growing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships through engagement with TAFE and VET partners. Craig has a passion for the transformative value of higher education to change lives and a vast experience in curriculum development and quality assurance processes.

Craig is an active researcher and has completed the supervision of several doctoral students. He has a rich history in research authoring more than 60 articles, as well as being an academic journal referee, textbook referee, and ERA Peer Reviewer.


Craig’s disciplinary expertise is in Finance. His disciplinary research interests include capital market efficiency, technical analysis in financial markets, and non-linear dynamics in financial asset prices.

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Professional Affiliations

Senior Associate, Financial Services Institute of Australasia (finsia)

Higher Degree Research Supervision

PhD completions
(P) Md Arifur Rahman, On the Information Content of Idiosyncratic Equity Return Variation. University of Western Sydney, 2008.
(P) Anil Mishra. International Equity Investment and Australia’s Position in the Global Economy. University of Western Sydney, 2007.
(P) Guy Ford. Achieving Risk Congruence in a Banking Firm. University of Western Sydney, 2006.
(C) Asghar Ali. Capital Regulations and Financial Stability: A Cross-Country Perspective. University of Western Sydney, 2012.
(C) Md Selim Akhter, Financial Soundness and Development: A Multi-Country Analysis Using Panel Data. University of Western Sydney, 2010.
(C) Jason Swee Hong Koh. Comparison of the New "Econophysics" Approach to Dealing with Problems of Finance to Traditional Econometric Methods. University of Western Sydney, 2009.
(C) David Lam. The Economic Impact of Asian Migrants Under Australian Migration Policy. University of Western Sydney, 2007.
(C) Mingyuan Guo. Intraday Return, Volatility and Liquidity: An Investigation of the Market Microstructure of Chinese Stock Market. University of Western Sydney, 2006.

DBA completions
(P) Phuong Thao Tran. Impacts of the Global Financial Crisis on an Emerging Market: The Case of Vietnam. University of Western Sydney, 2013.

Enrolled HDR students
(P) Juan-Carlos Franco Laverde, PhD. Western Sydney University
(C) Ho Ngoc Thao Trang, PhD. Western Sydney University

(P): Principle supervisor                                                                                                     
(C): Co-supervisor

Refereed Journal Articles (C1) (since 2005)

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Book Chapters (B1) (since 2005)

  • Ellis, C. 2018. The TAFE/VET Pathways Student Experience in Higher Education. In: Agosti, C. and Bernat, E. (eds), University Pathway Programs; Local Responses Within a Growing Global Trend, Springer International Publishing AG. Forthcoming.
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